So I started writing this for both Android SDK and Eclipse, but it got kinda long so i’ll break them up.
Let’s start with the SDK.

Well we need to start somewhere here and I hope you bare with me for a couple of days before we get down to the nitty gritty of Android Development (as I wrote before this is a process for me as well and I’m learning as we go).

So what do we need to get this environment up on our system?
* A computer (Mac, PC or some Linux based OS) Guide is based on a PC with Windows XP and up
* Internet Connection
* And some time to follow my instructions

Phase 1 – Android SDK
So how could there be so many (over 1000) applications before an Android device was released?
As part of Google’s Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK) you have the Android Emulator now we are going to download the SDK and run our first Emulator

Well before you can install the SDK you will need a Java Environment
Step 1 – Download and install Java Runtime Environment
So you will need to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to allow Java Code to run on your OS (PC, Apple or Linux) as well you will need the Java Development Kit (JDK) please note that the JDK contains the JRE so you don’t need to install both.

Open Java’s Web Site – Linky and download the JDK based on your platform, and install it on your system (This should be straight forward if you are here)

Step 2 – Download the SDK
Go to Android Developers website – Linky and download the latest SDK for your environment (Windows, Apple or Linux).
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