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Well i’m still working on more guides, but due to sick kids i’m kinda low on time….

As well at this point in life I have not made any “Bacon” from Android Apps ๐Ÿ˜‰

Back in 2009, we wrote a story on crack mobile developer Larva Labs lamenting its inability to make a living off top-rated games in the Android Market. Well, to put it lightly, it ain’t 2009 anymore: the Android ecosystem has expanded exponentially in every conceivable direction, the Market has taken on tens of thousands of additional apps, and — according to one research firm, anyway — Android has now overtaken BlackBerry to become the most prolific smartphone platform in the US.

To that end, Spacetime Studios — the company behind mobile MMORPG Pocket Legends, which brings in revenue through in-app purchases — was shocked to discover that it’s making some 30 to 50 percent more from its Android users than its iOS ones. Furthermore, they’re spending more time playing and downloading the app with far greater frequency, which might be a testament to the fact that really great apps still stand out in the Market better than they do in the more mature (and more populated) App Store. The in-app purchase disparity is a little more difficult to explain, though — especially since iOS has a slick, integrated purchase mechanism that Google won’t be rolling out in Android for a little while yet. At any rate, the online mobile economy — regardless of platform — clearly still has some growing, maturing, and stabilizing to do.


So as I explained before one of the reasons I picked Android Development is the main cost.
Some of you Kewl people have Mac’s (MacBook’s, Mini’s, Air’s or whatnot) but unfortunately I can’t see myself spending so much money for a machine that looks good and spec’ed nicely (and can run windows) when I have PC’s all around.
So a decent working laptop with Windows for the OS should run you about $400 and up while a decent MacBook (even if on sale from micro-center) will run you $899 at minimum…
A nice desktop will run you the same amount with a monitor but will be better equipped while a MacMini or iMac will run you an arm an leg.
** Note to self, why did I sell my MacBook Pro? oh right I got an Asus G50Vt-x6 laptop, HTPC, WDTV Live and an xbox 360 **
Never mind the computer let’s not go that route as most of you have a PC or Mac that can run windows…

Next cost of the Market or iTunes store
Google charges a one time fee of $25 to sign up as an Android developer and upload applications to the Android Market.
On the other hand, Apple charges $99 (Per Year!) to sign up as an iPhone developer and allows you to upload applications to the App Store after a review process. Also, both of them take a 30% cut on all application sales.

Let’s not talk about how much the Market and iTunes Store generate as it’s not part of the scope ๐Ÿ™‚

Growth options, I do see much more groth options with Android as iOS (in my eyes) is at a stand still, changes are minor and iOS is simple and “Vanilla” (Plain, come on do something with the square buttons….)
So as you can see cost differences between Android and Apple are not that Major if you need to buy a machine but if you have PC’s around the house we are looking at a main investment of at least $1200….. (and that’s not a small amount for most people)

Let’s get back on track, so what have I spent until now?
Two books (i’ll speak about them in a different post tomorrow) $12 and $9.5 on eBay (didn’t save much and should have gotten a format that would fit my iPad or Sony Reader but what the hell), $25 to google and the “optional” Domain and Hosting (hosting I have regardless so I won’t count that in).
So Books = $21.5 Google = $25 and domain was only $1.07 from GoDaddy (for the first year)
Right now I have some change from a $50.

Next three posts will be (Guide for Android Development environment, Books I purchased and other Revenue options like AdSense and Amazon Affiliate program)

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