Android Dev

So i’m going to share the next two three months of my journey….
Currently I work as a Project Manager for a software company and from time to time I do some development for my customers (Automation Scripts, Visual Basic and C#) but I really like it for fun…
Now what would be more fun than making a few $$$ (or as some would say “Coin” here in our southern area)

So? what am I talking about and what am I going to share and show? and why did I pick android and not iOS or WP7 or BlackBerry (note I didn’t note WebOS well maybe I did… you got me now.)
I’m going to start with Why Android:
1. Y’all have a computer so the cost to start developing is cheap (don’t have to buy a mac or anything of sort)
2. Android based phones are cheap if you want a REAL phone to play around with and I already have three (Samsung Captivate, HTC Aria and a Dell Streak on the way)
3. Android Market only costs $25
4. I like Android (although I was an iPhone user and still have an iPad…. simply get more done with an android phone)

So as i’ve covered the why android let’s move on to what i’m going to share:
1. I’m going to share most of my ideas but will start with two small App/Util (you will know soon)
2. I will share all the revenue coming from the applications and the website (AdSense etc), not trying rub it in if I do end up making some coin just trying to give you and idea of your ROI (as you time is money)
3. How I started and tips and tricks along the way (and BTW i’m really starting now I’ve never done any Java…)
4. Guides for anything I do and some source code that will turn into open source…..

And now the why am I doing this?
1. I don’t know
2. Sounds like fun
3. Hope to get some comments out of people to hear what they think of my journey (not that nasty Dodge… I drive a Merc and not that merc πŸ˜‰ )
4. Still thinking about it

How’s this going to work?
I opened a new Site and I will have everything Android over there (so we have a clean start…..)
Every week I will post a few posts (now I sound like…. just repeating my self) about guides where to start costs etc.

It’s going to be fun so join me there

So going to be posted in Hebrew at and my personal blog will have less information but it all started here – Linkey