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This is by far my favorite shortcut app for android.
It groups the icons nicely with a very simple and easy configuration screen and works flawlessly!

Price – FREE

Link to Market – Linkey

From the Developer

Keep your home screen tidy, make everything easy to access!

This application is the organizer which can keep your home screen tidy, and make everything easy to access

*Organize applications, bookmarks, contacts and files using tags
*Create shortcuts on home screen for easily access
*Support import & export
*50+ commercial icons for shortcuts
*Support normal and high resolutions


Permissions are needed for reading bookmarks and contacts, also backup and restore.


I know I recommended SwiftKey in the past and I still stand behind it as it’s an amazing keyboard.
But for some people that are bi-lingual SwiftKey will not do….
So in my case i’ve been using AnySoftKeyboard which is free and Linky but I was not a big fan of it as I didn’t like the layout that much.

Paid 0.99c

Now on the other had this new keyboard is amazing regardless.
* Super fast
* Great layout
* Configurable
* Supports MUI

* Not amazing in landscape on my streak


1. Multitouch keyboard
2. User dictionary, built-in dictionary
3. Auto correction
4. Redesigned and optimized keyboard layout and style
5. Speech to text
6. Split main keyboard app and dictionaries.

Features that are available on paid version.

1. 6 Keyboard themes
2. Custom vibrator intensity
3. Custom key height, text size, row gap, bottom adjustment.
4. Long press “Enter” key to bring up smiley alternatives.
5. Options to hide period and comma key.

Paid version has more features like skins and configuration, but for 99c just to support the developer go for it!

Link to Free Version – Linky

Link to Paid Version – Linky

I simply love this application!
You manage your profiles and set specific time of the day to start.
Example no email, text, Facebook etc notification sounds from 10pm until 7am

Cons – no auto change if you have meetings

Profile Manager lets you select from a list of predefined profiles like General,Silent,Meeting etc. and you can edit those profiles for changing the ringtone and notification sounds.It also lets you create auto profiles i.e based on time the profile changes.Users can edit and delete auto profiles.

Latest version: 1.0 (for all Android versions)

This is by far my favorite new reader application.
Both on my iPad and on my Android device.
And the best thing it’s 100% free!!

Meet Pulse. A beautiful application that makes reading news fun and engaging. Pulse takes your favorite news websites and blogs and transforms them into a colorful and interactive mosaic. Tap on a news article to see a clean and elegant view of the story. Sharing it via Facebook, Twitter and Email is as easy as two taps.


NYTimes: Pulse Reader scales the charts
WSJ: Read all about it as Pulse app arrives
CNN: With surprise boost, Pulse reader is a hit
Fortune: Pulse News, the new king of apps
TechCrunch: Pulse becomes the best way to browse Facebook


– NEW! Facebook Feed: Now you can visualize your news feeds and your own wall visually, right inside Pulse. Not only that, the Facebook news feed comes preloaded with the app!
– Dashboard: With the dashboard layout, you can continue to browse news stories as you read an article.
– Offline sync: No internet? No problem. Pulse loads the news stories you read, and makes it available wherever you are.
– Easy share: Found an interesting news article? Sharing a news story on Pulse via email, facebook, twitter and other services is as easy as 2 taps.
– News discovery: Pulse features new publishers every Friday. You can also search for a news source by simple keywords.
– Stay up to date: Want to read the latest news as soon as its published? With a single tap, you can refresh all your news sources instantly without ever leaving the application.
– Integration with Google Reader: Import all your RSS feeds from Google Reader into Pulse easily. Pulse is one of the best RSS reader in the market.