Why part two? you (I) just wrote part one today
Well I got a comment from someone (might be a troll, but thanks Ben) in my inbox (the contact me page works…)
That is my main post about cost I didn’t discuss anything about device cost.
And Ben had a few thoughts about Android and Apple (I think he develops for iOS but I won’t know if he Does not respond)

So Ben did have a point about developing for apple you have two devices iPhone/iPod touch and iPad(that can run iPhone/iPod apps) and the cost of an iPad and iPod Touch or even an iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4 without a contract should run you about $1200.
And then talking about Android with all the devices out there that you need to support how hard will it be and can it be and the cost of owning all the devices (I’ll post his full comment when I get a chance tomorrow)

So here are my thoughts
1. Each one of us has a device, iPhone or Android I might be wrong here but it’s the same with the MacBook idea of unless you don’t own a Mac you will need to buy one, so I have a Captivate from work and I bought a Dell Streak and I have a 3Gs and an iPhone 2G and an iPad… I think anyone that would want to develop something or just likes toys will have some of most of what’s needed.
2. You can go listen to Steve Jobs on Android’s Fragmentation babbling on and on and does have some nice thoughts on what’s best for the customer, but my answer here is I’d rather develop for a phone I can use then a phone that can’t do much (for me) unless I jailbreak it and hack it while I get everything (but Hebrew before 2.2 but most of you don’t care about that) working (for me) on Android

So those were my two cents… take it or leave it.

I got a comment from a friend that I have too much time on my hands, no I don’t really, i’m simply going to travel much more in the coming months and i’m switching TV with something that will enlighten me.