So we didn’t develop squat and I already start recommending apps…
I know y’all are right but I’m cheating here and taking some short cuts.
On of the things I kinda dislike and don’t have much skill in is the designe portion.
Not only that’s it’s not that simple unless you want to make an ugly GUI (it’s going to be ugly with this app as well… maybe not that ugly) but heck is it going to fast quick and easy.

This great application called DroidDraw will allow you to fly create GUI for your Android apps quick and easy.
As their website title says
User Interface (UI) designer/editor for programming the Android Cell Phone Platform

DroidDraw can be used online at their website – Linky or can be downloaded as a stand alone app again from their website – Linky.

Play around with it, I think it’s much better then the one in Eclipse, but that’s just me.