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You Pay $99 and get a refund for $91 between 30-45 Days

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Windows Phone 8 is out, the tools are available, and devices are about to be released—it’s time to get coding. As an added incentive, for the next 8 days individual developers can register for a Dev Center account for just $8 (a 92 percent savings). Please note because this is a very limited time offer. You’ll be charged $99 USD or equivalent in your local currency, and we’ll refund the difference in the next 30 to 45 days. Watch for more details on Dev Center soon.

There’s never been a better time to be a developer for Windows Phone. As the lead for the developer experience, I’d love to hear your questions and feedback here or at #wpdev.

Visit the Dev Center for guidance on how to get started with the new SDK and to locate a Developer Camp in your area where you can get one-on-one hands-on time with our experts. You can also check out the //BUILD conference technical session recordings on Channel 9 and watch this blog for more posts from my team providing guidance and additional details on the new platform.

Ever thought developing applications for Windows Phone 7?
Well Microsoft is giving away a free book in PDF format (book is sold by Amazon at $25)
Regardless I’ve started playing around with the MS development environment for Windows Phone 7 and I like it a lot (I’ve even moved to a Windows Phone and can’t move back although it’s lacking many apps)

Link to MS Free Book Download with Sample Code – Linkey
Link to the Book itself in PDF format – Linkey 

This book is a gift from the Windows Phone 7 team at Microsoft to the programming community, and I am proud to have been a part of it. Within the pages that follow, I show you the basics of writing applications for Windows Phone 7 using the C# programming language with the Silverlight and XNA 2D frameworks.

Here you will learn how to convert a Numer String to different number types.
Each number type in Java has a parse method that allows you convert a string into the primitive type.

When converting a string to a number, the parse method may throw a NumberFormatException if the string is null or an invalid representation for that type.

Ok now why am I showing you this? let’s say you are pulling data from your DB but want to preform calculations on the values, unfortunately the number in the Strings are not ment to be final values and will give you odd numbers for calculations.
Please keep this in mind and take into consideration that an “int” and a “long” will only give you the full number and not the decimal point.

Convert a String to an int

To convert a String to an int, call the static method parseInt() on the Integer class. Below is an example:

String string = "123";
int value = Integer.parseInt(string);

Convert a String to a long
To convert a String to a long, call the static method parseLong() on the Long class. Below is an example:

String string = "123";
long value = Long.parseLong(string);

Convert a String to a float
To convert a String to a float, call the static method parseFloat() on the Float class. Below is an example:

String string = "123.4";
float value = Float.parseFloat(string);


Convert a String to a double
To convert a String to a double, call the static method parseDouble() on the Double class. Below is an example:

String string = "123.4";
double value = Double.parseDouble(string);
Here is an example from my code that shows a quick calculation of some sort
// Convert The060 String to Float for Calculations
float The060f = Float.parseFloat(The060);
int eight = 8;
int ten = 10;
int six = 6;</div>
<div>String TheVerdict = "";</div>

// Do Some Calculations
if (The060f &lt; six) {
TheVerdict = "It's One Amazing Ride!";
} else if (The060f &lt; eight &amp;&amp; The060f &gt; six) {
TheVerdict = "It's One Great Ride!";
} else if (The060f &lt; ten &amp;&amp; The060f &gt; eight) {
TheVerdict = "It's a Decent Ride....";
} else if (The060f &gt; ten) {
TheVerdict = "IT SUCKS!";

// Show AlertDialot with Monkey Thoughts
new AlertDialog.Builder( this )

Just a quick note to all

I’m traveling next week so I will have time to post my new guides. 
Our first Android Mobile application is going to be the best useless app ever.
But I hope you will enjoy it.

Update : we are starting this coming Thursday