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More than half of mobile apps don't earn enough to break even

With Instagram recently having been acquired by Facebook for $1 billion and OMGPOP, makers of Draw Something, cashing in for $200 million, developers are attacking the mobile app space with a renewed vigor. Before jumping head first into a new project aiming to be the next big acquisition target, developers might be wise to look over a white paper recently put together by App Promo.

App Promo conducted a study last month in an effort to investigate how well mobile developers are performing in this crowded space. In its survey, the company found that a staggering 59% of mobile apps do not generate enough money to break even. Only 12% of developers earn $50,000 or more from their apps, and these developers were found to have big marketing budgets of $30,000 or more. They also spend about 14% of their time focusing on marketing on average.

“With over a million applications in the market across platforms, app publishers are finding it increasingly challenging to cut through the noise and get their apps discovered and downloaded,” the firm wrote in its white paper. “Those developers that spend money and time on marketing outside of the app stores found the most success based on the revenue they had earned for their app. This core finding echoes what we believe as a leading app marketing and strategy firm, that in order to make an app a successful business you need to ensure that you have a budget and time allocated to marketing and promoting your app.”

The firm concludes that application discovery is a huge barrier in the crowded mobile software space, and a solid marketing strategy is of the utmost importance as a result. App Promo’s research is based on data collected from a survey of “over 100 qualified app developers,” and an infographic outlining key data points from App Promo’s study follows below.


So Here Goes
Numbers don’t mean anything just my favorite apps

The Freeeeeee ones
1. Pulse – Love is on my tablets and works great on WP7 as well

2. WhatsApp – Free for one year and then $1.99 a year but I love it anyway, great for working with people overseas

3. eBay – Need I say more?

4. Craigslist deLUXE Lite – I thinks it’s the best craigslist app, you can setup alerts and great interface (there is a pro version without ads)

5. Evernote – How could I live without evernote between my desktop, tablet and phone????

6. 4th and Mayor – The best Foresquer app on all platforms even better than their app…..

7. Slick Deals – As I live by slickdeals hourly this is another one to love, shame it makes you spend more money on stuff you might not need….

8. GO VOICE – As much as I love Android (a lot) I think WP7 is much better for my day to day work (you might say I could use a BB) but I can’t live without my voice mail.

9. AA – (Not that AA) as much as I hate them I fly with them all the time, great app they did here.

More to come!!!

Android market 10 days of Offers apps $0.10 each
Several apps in the Android market are now only $0.10! Apps include:
Google has kicked off a new Android Market promotion to celebrate 10 billion downloads, offering ten days of offers on premium software.
The 10 Billion Promo sees ten apps being released each day at just $0.10 in the US

Great Little War Game 
SketchBook Mobile 
Paper Camera 
Sound Hound 
Asphalt 6 
Fieldrunners HD 
Swiftkey X 
Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro 
Color & Draw for kids:phone ed

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