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Car 0-60 Speeds DB

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Link To Application – Linky
Easily find Car 0-60 times
Our list contains “factory stock” road figures for most of the Makes and Models.
Our list is based on “production” vehicles that are available in the United States.
The Content of the list is based on the Year the Model was Made.
For example if you have a 1999 Jaguar XJR you will find the 0-60 under Manufacturing Year of 1998 when the Model came out

Let’s see if you like the ones we currently have

Over 2200 cars in the DB right now!

Current Manufacture List:
Alfa Romeo
Jeep – (Don’t Expect good 0-60 I know, I own one)

Open Manufacture WIKI from the App.

Thanks for the install.
Please feel free to drop us a line on what you think and how we can improve the app at android@inrim.net

Link To Application – Linky



Ok what’s burn rate in the project world?
Aside from financing, the term burn rate is also used in project management to determine the rate at which hours (allocated to a project) are being used, to identify when work is going out of scope, or when efficiencies are being lost. Simply put, the burn rate of any project is the rate at which the project budget is being burned (spent).
In earned value management, burn rate is calculated via the formula, 1/CPI, where CPI stands for Cost Performance Index, which is equal to Earned Value / Actual Cost.

Let’s not get into the nitty gritty of project management and calculations but more on what this app has…
Burn Rate based on Budget
Burn Rate based on Project Days
Project Budget Calculator based on CPH, HPD, CPD and Total Project Days

As well you have a list view of all PMP Formulas – Might have missed a few so let me know

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The Stig Facts

This application thought me a lot about android development and this application will be the base for the coming guides that include Android Development, Layout, Some Design (as mine is not amazing), Database! and more

Now back to the application
The Stig is the Chuck Norris of the auto world
Just something about “The Stig”
The Stig is a character in the British motoring television show Top Gear. The character plays on the anonymity of racing drivers’ full-face helmets, with the running joke that nobody knows who, or indeed what, is inside the character’s racing suit.

Link To App On Market – Linky


Our First Useless Application – Hurray!

*** Wait – Quick Update ***
When I started writing this guide it was 2/2/2011 and we are at 2/23/2011, just too much travel and more….
I promise this will not happen again….

*** Wait Again ***
When I started this site I thought it would be simple for someone with basic development skills to write applications and guide other people, now I belive it’s not really the case… am I going to stop? no, not at all, I think you can still pick it up without a problem if you know some and uderstand the basics and if not you will learn as we progress, the only difference is that I don’t this my project here is a two month thing but more like a lifetime few months… now let’s move on

So after our first guide of setting up the project we will start developing on (if you didn’t read that start there – Linky) we are going to create our first useless application.
I’m going to skip the whole Hello World! Hello Android and move on if that’s ok with y’all to something a little less useless.

So what is the most important thing and priceless and most useless thing at the same time in the world?
I’m going to say time…. (correct me if i’m wrong but windows 7 was my idea and bare with me here)
So our first application is going to be a clock 🙂
Now that we have Eclipse open we will start in an odd way but after you learn you can take the lead on how and what.

First thing we are going to do is open our res/values/Strings.xml file

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I’m just going to give the Credit to Engadget – Original Post Linky

Google’s Android Market now has a web client. Finally! And guess what else, it’s already live. Hit the source link below to get exploring. It’s very simple, really, you can browse the entire Market catalog on your desktop or however else you’re accessing the web, you can purchase anything that takes your fancy, and then — via the magic of over-the-air transfers — it downloads and installs onto your Android handset. A neat phone management section will let you nickname your registered devices to make them more recognizable as well.

Google has also just announced upcoming support for in-app purchases. Widespread developer interest has been cited as the major reason for doing it, so you’ve got those lovable coders to thank for the oncoming wave of micropayments you’ll have to deal with in your Android apps. The in-app purchasing SDK is releasing to devs today and will be “live to users prior to the end of this quarter.”