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This is by far my favorite shortcut app for android.
It groups the icons nicely with a very simple and easy configuration screen and works flawlessly!

Price – FREE

Link to Market – Linkey

From the Developer

Keep your home screen tidy, make everything easy to access!

This application is the organizer which can keep your home screen tidy, and make everything easy to access

*Organize applications, bookmarks, contacts and files using tags
*Create shortcuts on home screen for easily access
*Support import & export
*50+ commercial icons for shortcuts
*Support normal and high resolutions


Permissions are needed for reading bookmarks and contacts, also backup and restore.


Price – $1.99 Current – used to be $2.99

I think this is by far the best keyboard out there.
The main idea here is it learns to auto complete your next word or words…..
It takes sometime to get used to but even if you don’t like the completing feature the layout is amazing!.

SwiftKey predicts your most likely next word based on what you’ve already written. It learns as you use it and from your message archive to make predictions amazingly accurate over time.


– Predicts your next word with great accuracy
– Auto-learns & corrects as you type
– New HD skin
– Multiple-option voice to text
– Multi-touch
– Predicts in two languages

Languages supported:

– English (US)
– English (GB)
– Czech (CZ)
– Danish (DK)
– Dutch (NL)
– French (FR)
– German (DE)
– Italian (IT)
– Norwegian (NO)
– Polish (PL)
– Portuguese (PT)
– Portuguese-Brazilian (PT-BR)
– Spanish (ES)
– Swedish (SE)

*31-day free trial available on Android Market – search for ‘SwiftKey Keyboard Free’*

SwiftKey should be downloaded over Wi-Fi where possible and you need to download a language module from within the app to use our prediction technology.

As some of my readers are not from area’s that use CraigsList this is intended for the US readers.
I have two main apps I use for searching CraigsList, someones trash is another mans gold (or just a sweet deal)….
But the main problem with CraigsList is you don’t have time to sit and search.

CraigsNotifia is by far the best Android App for that purpose.
Simply put in your search terms (as many as you want but i’d say stop at 10-12) with price filters and that app will find your item when it shows up and notify you on the spot.

Price –
Free with Ad’s (works amazing and I bet they make more money from the Ad’s)
Donation Version – $9.99 (Same app no Ad’s)

Stay ahead as you get notifications when new items are registered on craigslist.

* Create templates to respond to craigslist ads.
* Search multiple craigslist regions.
* Receive Notification when something new is posted.
* Favorite craigslist ads.
* Browse all craigslist categories.

CraigsNotifica provides an advanced interface for reading Craigslist RSS feeds.

** Update 12/18/2012**
For you that are looking for “Where is Craigsnotifica” seems like the application was pulled and now has a new name “Notifications For Craigslist”
Linky – Clickme