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Motorola Xoom – New Toy

So I just got a new Motorola Xoom (Well used I’m not that rich…) after giving the iPad to my wife.
Overall i’m quite happy (didn’t have too much time to play with it)
So expect some new posts about recommended apps

Well…. delay has struck…

So as some of you might know there was some very bad weather here in the BIG-D.
No schools for over a week killed my progress with development and guides.
I’m going to NYC next week for work so i’ll have time to finish up my first few guides so we can start something.

So our first useless application is going to be a clock… (I think I said that in the past)


A WordPress Theme For My Site


Just a quick note, i’d love to hear from anyone about a good/great/amazing/spectacular WordPress theme.
My wife thinks i’m tasteless (hmmm that’s kinda odd) so I need a new theme or people might say this is a good one.

Let me know, please comment a link or name

** Update **
So I changed the dark theme to this one which I seem to like, If you have any other ones let let me know

Two new posts coming tonight and tomorrow about Android SDK and Eclipse environment stay tuned we will soon start developing.