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The Stig Facts

This application thought me a lot about android development and this application will be the base for the coming guides that include Android Development, Layout, Some Design (as mine is not amazing), Database! and more

Now back to the application
The Stig is the Chuck Norris of the auto world
Just something about “The Stig”
The Stig is a character in the British motoring television show Top Gear. The character plays on the anonymity of racing drivers’ full-face helmets, with the running joke that nobody knows who, or indeed what, is inside the character’s racing suit.

Link To App On Market – Linky


First – Linky – eBay Item Deal

So I started writing a quick review/preview about my new (purchased last week) Nook Color yesterday and today I see this on my favorite/hated deals site (… hated as I spend too much because of it)
The idea is that you can take this amazing device (Great eBook reader) by itself and ROOT it and load a full Android version or simply root it and utilize android 2.1 with what you have.
nook color 2
It’s amazing to see how people overcame the hardware constraints of the device (only one button) and got it to work as a full blown tablet.

Anyhow eBay daily deal $249 + $50 instent coupon = $199 + Tax….

Linky – eBay Item Deal

1. Pay for your item with PayPal by March 3, 2011 8AM PT

2. Enter your coupon code at checkout CBARNESDD

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Terms & Conditions

The offer will expire at 8:00:00 AM PT on March 3, 2011. Discount applies to the purchase price (excluding .shipping, handling, and taxes) of a single item on up to the maximum amount specified on the coupon. Recipients of the coupon must be registered eBay members and pay for the item with PayPal. Any unused difference between the total purchase price and the maximum amount will be forfeited. The coupon is non-transferable, void where prohibited, not redeemable for cash, for one-time use only, and has no face value. The coupon is subject to U.S. laws and cannot be combined with any other coupon. eBay reserves the right to cancel, amend, or revoke the coupon at any time. Use of automated devices or programs to redeem the coupon is prohibited. Purchases made through customized checkout systems which do not accept coupons are excluded. To confirm an item is eligible, sign in and look for the coupon alert message on the item page.

So As this is a site about Android Applications and Y’all are still waiting for my Development guides (I know hold on please)

I would like to start my app recommendation section.
I’m splitting it into two sections, Free and Paid while the Free Section might have apps that have a paid version.

So feel free to check out my App Brain App list and add me as a friend
AppBrain – YeshaiB – Linky

Or Continue Reading for the current list
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Just a quick note to all

I’m traveling next week so I will have time to post my new guides. 
Our first Android Mobile application is going to be the best useless app ever.
But I hope you will enjoy it.

Update : we are starting this coming Thursday

Why part two? you (I) just wrote part one today
Well I got a comment from someone (might be a troll, but thanks Ben) in my inbox (the contact me page works…)
That is my main post about cost I didn’t discuss anything about device cost.
And Ben had a few thoughts about Android and Apple (I think he develops for iOS but I won’t know if he Does not respond)

So Ben did have a point about developing for apple you have two devices iPhone/iPod touch and iPad(that can run iPhone/iPod apps) and the cost of an iPad and iPod Touch or even an iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4 without a contract should run you about $1200.
And then talking about Android with all the devices out there that you need to support how hard will it be and can it be and the cost of owning all the devices (I’ll post his full comment when I get a chance tomorrow)

So here are my thoughts
1. Each one of us has a device, iPhone or Android I might be wrong here but it’s the same with the MacBook idea of unless you don’t own a Mac you will need to buy one, so I have a Captivate from work and I bought a Dell Streak and I have a 3Gs and an iPhone 2G and an iPad… I think anyone that would want to develop something or just likes toys will have some of most of what’s needed.
2. You can go listen to Steve Jobs on Android’s Fragmentation babbling on and on and does have some nice thoughts on what’s best for the customer, but my answer here is I’d rather develop for a phone I can use then a phone that can’t do much (for me) unless I jailbreak it and hack it while I get everything (but Hebrew before 2.2 but most of you don’t care about that) working (for me) on Android

So those were my two cents… take it or leave it.

I got a comment from a friend that I have too much time on my hands, no I don’t really, i’m simply going to travel much more in the coming months and i’m switching TV with something that will enlighten me.