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So moving from Android to Windows Phone had me concerned with one application in perticular, the Craigslist App
On Android I used to use an app called Craigsnotifica (that for some reason disappeared from the market and came back – Linky) but it was simply the best one!

Free Version with Ads all features
$1.99 Paid with no Ads

So moving on to WP Craigslist applications, most of them are just bad, I’ve tested 8 of them and the best one by FAR is:

Craigslist deLUXE Lite

It has a nice clean interface, with alerts you can setup for multiple locations and be notified right away when something new is posted (anyone said Yamaha V-Max?)

A few Photos

Go Get it



So I’ve decided to take the jump to Windows Phone 8 with a brand new (Wrong Color) Nokia Lumia 920…

This is not a review of the phone or the OS (Although I do like the OS I think MS have much more they need to do…)

Going forward please look for my “Amazing” best apps list πŸ™‚