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So on iPhone’s and Android’s of the world there are so many sites and apps that note “Apps Gone Free” or new apps etc.
Unfortunately on Windows Phone there are a handfull of sites and applications but all are useless (useless = Don’t work or Don’t do anything).
But there is one application call AppTastic that is somewhat fantastic.

Cost? – Free

Download – Linky

** Side note, double tap the app you want to download **

Some Screen Shots

Let’s start with the ones I like on Android and Apple they sum down to Flipboard and Pulse.
So Flipboard is not going to be on WP8 in the near future and Pulse pulled it’s app out to prepare for WP8…. (Still waiting)

Anyhow Weave is your answer for RSS reader

Price – Fee or Paid ($9.99 expensive)but the free version works like a charm as well




A few Screen Shots



So moving from Android to Windows Phone had me concerned with one application in perticular, the Craigslist App
On Android I used to use an app called Craigsnotifica (that for some reason disappeared from the market and came back – Linky) but it was simply the best one!

Free Version with Ads all features
$1.99 Paid with no Ads

So moving on to WP Craigslist applications, most of them are just bad, I’ve tested 8 of them and the best one by FAR is:

Craigslist deLUXE Lite

It has a nice clean interface, with alerts you can setup for multiple locations and be notified right away when something new is posted (anyone said Yamaha V-Max?)

A few Photos

Go Get it



So Here Goes
Numbers don’t mean anything just my favorite apps

The Freeeeeee ones
1. Pulse – Love is on my tablets and works great on WP7 as well

2. WhatsApp – Free for one year and then $1.99 a year but I love it anyway, great for working with people overseas

3. eBay – Need I say more?

4. Craigslist deLUXE Lite – I thinks it’s the best craigslist app, you can setup alerts and great interface (there is a pro version without ads)

5. Evernote – How could I live without evernote between my desktop, tablet and phone????

6. 4th and Mayor – The best Foresquer app on all platforms even better than their app…..

7. Slick Deals – As I live by slickdeals hourly this is another one to love, shame it makes you spend more money on stuff you might not need….

8. GO VOICE – As much as I love Android (a lot) I think WP7 is much better for my day to day work (you might say I could use a BB) but I can’t live without my voice mail.

9. AA – (Not that AA) as much as I hate them I fly with them all the time, great app they did here.

More to come!!!