Turn your phone into a free WiFi or Bluetooth hotspot without paying tethering charges or Hotspot charges. Uses your normal data. Works on most devices, see the link below. I’m able to tether to both a laptop and iPad with ~3Mbps download speeds on 3G.
This can be a substantial monthly savings, depending on your carrier. For example, AT&T charges at least $20/month and both Verizon and Sprint charge between $20-30/month depending on your phone (3G or 4G). This doesn’t include tax and other fees.

At least $240/year savings!!! Better get this app before it is pulled from the market (Google Play).

FoxFi – New on Google Play (new name for Android Market).


Per their info
“Enables WiFi or Bluetooth Hotspot on your Android phone without a Hotspot plan from your carrier. No rooting required! Just install and turn it on. Bluetooth mode works for all phones. WiFi mode currently works on most Samsung phones and Motorola phones, LG Optimus/Vortex/Ally, ZTE N762, HuaWei Comet. WiFi mode does NOT work on any HTC phones or the first Motorola Droid/Triumph, use Bluetooth mode instead.

You can connect from any tablets or computers. Access Point is infrastructure mode with WPA2 security. FoxFi usage is covered under the same phone data plan you have.”

This may be better placed in Freebies, but it is such a great deal, I put it here. Enjoy!

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