So I was working on my XOOM and just got a notice pop up that there is an update waiting for install….
Hit the restart and install button and 1 minute later I’m on 3.2.

Don’t know if it helped much for an issue I’ve had with Exchange (Exchange 2003 is bad, doesn’t work fine on my OX lion as well) but overall seems to be working perfectly fine.


Things I havent tested yet

  • Access and stay connected to Wi-Fi networks with added Proxy support
  • SSL data transfer with websites is now supported
  • WPA Pre-Shared Key pass-phrases are now supported when using the device as a Mobile Hotspot
  • POP 3 HTML emails will display in their entirety
  • Bluetooth is now supported in Google Talk
  • Application storage errors will not appear unless the device has reached maximum storage capacity
  • Safely dock the Motorola XOOM into the docking adapter without interruption
  • Ability to add and use a Bluetooth mouse
  • View and import pictures from digital cameras with Picture Transfer Protocol
  • When using the device in accessibility mode, menus will no longer prompt with sounds